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Invest Like
A Billionaire

Invest directly in real estate projects in the nation's highest-producing industries and pre-construction condos in beautiful Belize for potential appreciation and passive income.


With a cost of entry at $100,000, take advantage of a unique opportunity in a developing urban area in a tropical paradise.


Belize offers a developing urban area in a tropical paradise but provides a stable economic and political environment for investment.

With a growing tourism industry and a steady exchange rate, investing in pre-construction condos in Belize is an intelligent choice for anyone seeking long-term financial security.

Contact us today to learn more about this unique investment opportunity and start your journey towards financial freedom.

Unlock the Benefits of Real Estate
Investments with Prince Of Belize LLC 
Are you an accredited investor?

Current Investment Opportunities

Invest in Belize's mixed-use real estate and farms marketplace, an opportunity to build wealth through real estate, retail, and agriculture.

Belize offers a promising investment destination for diversifying your portfolio, with favorable tax laws and low property costs.

Discover the potential for significant returns and contribute to the growth of the local economy.


From grocery stores to restaurants and hotels and even the doctor’s office, real estate is already the foundation of our investments.
We help you make it the foundation of your portfolio.

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You should be earning like a landlord, not working like one.

Our investments are passive, giving you the potential to earn income without the maintenance or operational responsibilities of owning a building.

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The value of the real estate, without buying an entire building.

Invest in large-scale real estate projects with other investors, without having to foot the entire bill. Leverage the power of the Crowd.

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Take a break from the stock
market. You deserve it .**

Historically, private real estate has not been directly correlated with the stock market, which may mitigate your exposure to market volatility and may improve portfolio stability.

A Simple Marketplace for
Seamless Investing

Our Marketplace lets you compare and review commercial real estate projects, so it’s easy to find the right direct investment opportunity for your today and your tomorrow. View a deal’s financial documents, register for a live webinar with the project developer, submit an investment offer, and more–all from your own home.

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Investor Testimonials


"Investors, listen up! If you're looking for quality real estate deals, look no further than Prince of Belize LLC. They're leading the charge in giving small investors access to vetted top-notch deals in Belize. Diversify your portfolio by adding different types of real estate and gain the knowledge and confidence to become a savvy real estate investor. By listening to the experts at Prince of Belize LLC, you'll learn how to evaluate deals and understand different asset classes. Real estate is all about common sense, and location, and Belize covers both.

- Mike J.

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